SHAPE: A MATLAB Software Package for Time-Dependent Seismic Hazard Analysis

Leptokaropoulos, Konstantinos Michail and Lasocki, Stanislaw (2020) SHAPE: A MATLAB Software Package for Time-Dependent Seismic Hazard Analysis. Seismological Research Letters. DOI:

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Many seismic processes, in particular, those induced by technological activities for exploitation of georesources, are time dependent. The changes in time of the seismicity cause that the related seismic hazard changes in time as well. We present here the Seismic HAzard Parameters Evaluation (SHAPE) tool, which enables an assessment of the temporal changes of the mean return period (MRP) of a seismic event of a given magnitude and the exceedance probability (EP) of a given magnitude within a predefined time period. SHAPE is an open‐source software package, written in MATLAB (see Data and Resources), based on the online probabilistic seismic hazard analysis applications available on IS‐EPOS platform of thematic core service anthropogenic hazards of European Plate Observing System (EPOS). SHAPE is developed in two standalone versions allowing the user to select a variety of options and parameters to determine the values of EP and MRP, assuming different magnitude distribution models. The first software version (SHAPE_ver1) provides interactive parameter selection and data filtering through a graphical user interface environment, whereas the second wrapper‐script‐based version (SHAPE_ver2) allows fast implementation and fine‐tuning of parameters. The program is particularly useful for anthropogenic seismicity cases, to monitor the changes of seismic response to technological operations, and to control the effectiveness of the undertaken hazard mitigation measures. As an example, two applications of SHAPE in case studies from the northwestern part of The Geysers geothermal field, California, and Song Tranh 2 surface water reservoir, Vietnam, are demonstrated.

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Item Type: Article
Subjects: Methodology > Method and procesing > Probabilistic seismic hazard analysis – time-dependent
Project: EPOS-IP > THE GEYSERS Prati 9 and Prati 29 cluster: Treated wastewater injection for geothermal power production
IS-EPOS project > SONG TRANH: Deep water reservoir
EPOS-IP > SONG TRANH: Deep water reservoir