Non-parametric Seismic Hazard in Mines

Kijko, Andrzej and Lasocki, Stanislaw and Graham, Gerhard (2001) Non-parametric Seismic Hazard in Mines. Pure and Applied Geophysics, 158 (9). pp. 1655-1675. DOI:

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Seismic hazard analysis methods in mines are reviewed for the purpose of selecting the best technique. To achieve this goal, the most often-used hazard analysis procedure, which is based on the classical frequency-magnitude Gutenberg-Richter relation, as well as alternative procedures are investigated. Since the maximum regional seismic event magnitude m max is of paramount importance in seismic hazard analysis, this work provides a generic formula for the evaluation of this important parameter. The formula is capable of generating solutions in different forms, depending on the assumptions of the model of the magnitude distribution and/or the available information regarding past seismicity. It includes the cases (i) in which seismic event magnitudes are distributed according to the truncated frequency-magnitude Gutenberg-Richter relation, and (ii) in which no specific model of the magnitude distribution is assumed. Both synthetic, Monte-Carlo simulated seismic event catalogues, and actual data from the copper mine in Poland and gold mine in South Africa, are used to demonstrate the discussed hazard analysis techniques. Our studies show that the non-parametric technique, which is independent of the assumed model of the distribution of magnitude, provides an appropriate tool for seismic hazard assessment in mines where the magnitude distribution can be very complex.

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Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Mine-induced seismicity, seismic hazard in mines
Application references: Seismic Hazard Assessment
Subjects: Methodology > Method and procesing > Probabilistic seismic hazard analysis - stationary > Aggregated solution
Methodology > Method and procesing > Probabilistic seismic hazard analysis – time-dependent
Region > Poland > Legnica-Glogow Copper District
Inducing technology > Underground mining
Project: IS-EPOS project > LGCD: Regional seismicity and ground motion associating underground hard rock mining